Steamage: The Angel

Over the Horizon - WIP
Preparing your character

Here are a few hints to considering your character.

Your Skills are not the “be all and end all”.

At the start, you’ll be rolling for your character and creating skill and knowledge.

The most important thing is that even though your rolls will define your character’s skills, knowledge and how the world sees you, it doesn’t make them good or evil, lawful or chaotic.

Slaver (as one example) is highly immoral on the surface but it doesn’t mean your intentions are bad, you may have a perfectly good reason for it.

You are on a fringe planet

Arxis V is a hive of Immorality and Villainy, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your character has to be immoral or even have villainy at the centre.

Arxis V is in range of Civilised planets and the dangerous untamed planets and so you can draw from a variety of options. You could be a Civilised Socialite or Soldier of Verrion VII with secrets forcing you to Arixis V, an Arxis IV inhabitant (Primal Jungle) living on Arxis V.

All I will say is that you have to be able to use the things you have.

Be advised that there is an off-world mission available that requires a Pilot and Engineer.

Space Travel is Optional

Even though we have a ship in this game, you do not have to use it if you don’t have to, this is a Sandbox.

As such we do not need a full compliment of Pilot, Engineer, Gunner, also if someone takes Angel AI, then they can switch between the Gunner, Shields and Pilot (engineering too complicated but he can monitor).

Combat is Ruthless

You only have 3HP and being hit by the most powerful weapon (Space Cruiser Class) can kill you in one hit, not to mention Critical Hits even with the lightest weapon can do the same with a lucky roll and relying on armour isn’t always enough.

Two tactics are available, avoid fighting where possible or be prepared for it.

The 4 Keys

There are four questions that are on the character sheet:

  1. What is your race and what makes it interesting?
  2. What is your current profession (may have multiples)?
  3. Is there anything in your past that defines you?
  4. How do you live at the moment? (lifestyle)

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