Mercy Forge

played by IamKeelyT


Race: Human

Size: Small, Quite slight built
Hair: Dark Brown hair. Always tied up.
Eyes: Brown

Age: 24

Profession: Pilot

Parents: Mother and Father
Sister: Angela Forge


Always the plain looking one. It has been that way since she was a child. Angela her sister had the looks and charm that missed her.

She found out that there was another side to society. One that was not as pure and Godly as the one she was taught by her parents and for the first time found herself stealing from someone. It felt good. She later sold the item to someone else at a higher price.

As time went on she took on more risks and found herself getting in more trouble
It was then she met someone who had an old ship and needed a pilot for a job. Mercy took the ship and the job. It was there she met Michael Hargreaves an engineer who she grew very fond of, maybe even in love with him.

The ship was renamed The Angel and she trained herself in how to fly this thing. She is not the greatest pilot but the money that was on offer. It was too good to be true. She packed her gun ready.

All she wants is the money for the job will do whatever it takes to get it. (And maybe even stop feeling guilty over those she failed)

Mercy Forge

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